Fire to leave lasting mark on Beattyville

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A large fire has burned much of downtown Beattyville.

It started around 7 a.m. Thursday and quickly consumed Jack's IGA on Main Street. Rose Brothers Department Store and the offices of the Beattyville Enterprise were also destroyed.

Firefighters were able to stop the flames before they spread to a nearby post office.

Other fire departments from nearby counties were called to the scene to fight the fire.

One firefighter was injured when he twisted an ankle.

So far, investigators do not have a cause for the fire.

Residents say they feel fortunate that this fire was not like the one that burned in the town back in 1977, which killed several people.

They say they plan to work together as a community to rebuild.

The only remaining grocery store in Beattyville is a Save-A-lot. Managers say they will hire at least 6 more people and double the number of deliveries to accomodate the additional business.

It's now giving free bottles of water to people impacted by the fire.

Jack Gross, the owner of Jack's IGA tells 27 Newsfirst that he is devastated but does plan to build the business that has been open for the last 30 years. He says he does plan to rebuild as soon as possible. He also talks about plans to pitch a tent to sell staple items for the community.

Fire investigators and police will remain at the scene overnight to keep an eye on hot spots and watch for any looters.

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