Grave site with the wrong headstone

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With a little help from 27 NEWSFIRST, a Frankfort family may finally get some closure after the death of a loved one almost 5 months ago. It's the story of the mixed up markers.

Back on March 21, Henry Collins was buried at Green Hill Cemetery in Frankfort. Now imagine the reaction when his son visited the grave site last week and found a headstone with someone else's name on it.

According to the inscription, Carl Grevious Jr. is buried there, and placed right beside that headstone is a small, temporary marker with the name Henry Collins on it.

Mr. Collins' son, Donald Jackson, says, "I don't see how someone was able to place a headstone in that location when a marker is already there and it says Henry Collins on there so that's why I'm so upset."

In the past week, Donald has made repeated phone calls to the chairman of the Green Hill Cemetery Board, George White. Mr. Jackson explains, "I called and left messages, but no one returned my calls at all, and I know that my dad is really upset right now because it's not his headstone on there."

Donald actually helped smooth the dirt over his father's grave site so he has no doubt about the location. "This is definitely Henry Collins in this plot. We leveled it out and put the mulch down. There's no one else buried there."

Donald Jackson himself is a minister who preaches forgiveness. "I have no problem forgiving whoever did this just like Jesus forgave our sins. I just want it fixed. I just want someone to answer my phone calls."

While our WKYT cameras were still at the cemetery, Green Hill caretaker Frank "Smokey" Daniels arrived and pointed out another small marker clearly identifying where the headstone of Carl Grevious should have been. Daniels was trying to locate the monument company that he thinks set it in the wrong place.

Late Thursday afternoon, the story had a happy ending. The incorrect headstone was removed from the grave site of Henry Collins, and a formal apology is being sent to the Collins family.

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