Dozens of mailboxes vandalized in Stanford

A surprising discovery for dozens of people in and around the Cash Creek subdivision this morning.

“My mailbox was knocked plum off my stand,” said victim James Cason.

Cason was among more than 30 victims of vandalism. And police say they know who did it, because some of Cason's neighbors witnessed the mischief.

“They actually saw them hide in the bushes at one point, then came back out..and continued with their mischief,” said Stanford Police Officer Tim Morris.

Police arrested 2 juveniles, and then later Thursday, they arrested 19 year old David Miniard. He claimed he was innocent of the charges as he was being led into the Lincoln County Jail, but police say one other suspect confessed.

“He couldn't give us any real reason for it. Other than he just did it,” said Morris of what one of the two 15-year-olds said when arrested.

The three are now facing charges of 3rd degree criminal mischief, but they could also be ordered to pay restitution.

“Which the damage is approximately $120 to $130 per mailbox,” said Officer Morris.

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