Thieves target Madison County cars

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Some 25 to 30 cars in three different Madison County subdivisions have been broken into in the past three weeks. Authorities say the thieves are targeting unlocked cars and sometimes breaking the windows on cars that are locked. They say they are taking any items in the car that could be of value including purses, briefcases, and change. Thieves actually burglarized one home after stealing a garage door opener from a vehicle. They also stole a car that was later found and returned to its owner.

The subdivisions that were recently hit by the thieves include Battlefield Estates, Tremont, and The Oaks. In some cases, the thieves stole from cars that were in the vicinity of marked police cars driven by officers who live in the neighborhood.

Authorities are asking for residents in the area to be more vigilant and keep an eye out for unusual behavior in their neighborhood. They say that citizens should not hesitate to contact law enforcement if they see someone who appears suspicious.

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