Schools Warn Students Of Child Predator In The Area

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"One of the kids in my class said they saw it on the news and they all started talking about it. So we had to go into more detail then I'd planned," says a Central Elementary teacher.

Word of a man approaching girls in the Winchester area and exposing himself has spread fast in the community.

"You can simply start with a stranger has been approaching kids in the neighborhood and then follow your students lead," said Central Elementary School principal, Andy Biggers.

The suspect lurks at bus stops and that's where he targets the girls. This afternoon Central Elementary faculty met to go over what they should tell students about the reported child predator.

"What we've done in reference to the exposure cases are basically we're stepping up patrols in the areas where they happened at," said Winchester Police Captain, Butch Best.

Police say they don't believe he will try to kidnap the children he approaches, but they are playing it safe just in case.

"At this point in time we have no reason to believe there's been an attempted abduction or going to be an abduction. It's just a drive up, a quick conversation, a flash, and that's it," Best said.

When students come to class tomorrow at Central Elementary they'll learn what they should do if they see anything out of place at their bus stop.

"Move away. Run away. Tell an adult," Biggers said.

Police say if your kids see anything unusual you should immediately call them. They are looking for a white male in his 30's or 40's with longish hair. He may have facial hair and could be driving either a black Explorer or a dark green Jeep.