A.J. Smith's father: 'We want dog back'

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It's a surprising change of heart from the father of a newborn baby dragged from his crib by a dog. He now says he wants the animal back in his home.

For weeks after his son, AJ, was injured, Michael Smith said there was no way Dakota, a wolf-dog hybrid would be returning, but he's changed his mind and that has many officials in Jessamine County concerned.

Dakota still remains at the Jessamine County SAVE Center where she's been for the last month and questions about her future continue to pour into the center.

The Jessamine County Sheriff's Department says the investigation is closed. No criminal charges were filed against the family and AJ is back home from the hospital. However, county officials say they don't think Dakota returning to the home would be the best course of action, especially for the baby.

Now the County Attorney is working with the Cabinet of Health and Family Services to come up with recommendations on where Dakota should go next.

The SAVE Center says Dakota should go to an educational refuge in the state for dogs like Dakota. The center also wants the public to consider the 200 other animals there that need a home. Dakota will remain in quarantine at the SAVE Center until a decision is made on where she goes next.


The Jessamine County man whose dog carried away his three day old son infant says he wants the dog to come home.

A.J. Smith was only three days old when Dakota, a wolf-dog hybrid, took him from his crib and carried him outside.

The baby suffered a cracked skull, punctured lung and had some cracked ribs.

The baby was in critical condition for several days, but has since returned home.

Days after, the baby's father, Michael Smith, was ready to adopt Dakota to another owner.

Now, the county attorney says there will have to be a court order to allow the dog to go back to Smith's home.

Dakota remains at a Jessamine County animal shelter.

The county attorney has also notified the state cabinet for health and family services about the request.

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