Jessamine Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing Child

A Jessamine County man is in jail accused of taping himself having sex with a young child and police want to know if the man posted the dirty videos on the Internet.

Police say Larry Thompson did more than take pictures, he made illegal kiddie porn videos.

The abuse according to the Jessamine County Sheriff's Department happened inside a house on Baywood Drive.

That's where officers arrested Thompson earlier this week. Police say they were informed about the abuse from a tipster.

"That there was a juvenile in location that was being sexually abused and mother found out about it she reached out to a friend, " said Deputy Anthony Purcell, with the Jessamine County Sheriff's Department.

Purcell said that friend called police. Deputies checked into the allegations and talked to the child's mother.

"She finally broke down and she talked to us..she provided us with some stuff, videos photographs, stuff like that," said Purcell.

Including DVDs. Police say the 38 year-old taped himself having sex the 12 year-old. They won't say if the victim is a boy or girl, but they say there's a possibility Thompson took the DVDs and posted them on the Internet.

Thompson pleaded not guilty and remains in jail on a full $100,000 bond.