Neace In Court

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Neace was charged with multiple counts of fraudulent use of a credit card in 2003. His plea bargain specified a two year sentence for that crime but recommended a four year diversion if he did not commit any other offenses. Since he is now facing arson charges for a fire that police say was set after the murder of his 16-year-old stepdaughter, the Commonwealth's Attorney filed a motion to revoke that plea bargain and impose the sentence.

Montgomery Circuit Judge William Mains said that although Neace did not admit to the arson charges, he did acknowledge there was a basis for his plea bargain to be revoked.

"Mr. Neace, let me ask you, do you waive that hearing at this time and agree to have the two year sentence imposed?, said Mains.

"Yes," said Neace.

Judge Mains then told Neace he would become a state prisoner and begin serving his sentence for the fraud charges today.

Neace did not look at his wife, Emma the entire time he was in court. She said she was too distraught over her daughter's death to talk about what happened in court today. She has also filed divorce papers.

Neace is scheduled to be in court again in May.