Flap over flag: Homeowner says she didn't receive documents saying no poles allowed

We first told you about the controversy over Betty Thompson's flagpole last week. She was sent two notices by the Chilesburg Maintenance Association last week asking her to take the flagpole in her front yard on Jouett Creek Drive down.
Thompson refused and says she was never told she couldn't fly her flag on a flagpole.
Today, the Chilesburg Maintenance Association released a statement saying, 'the Association has Covenants which, like most Associations, govern how the flag can be displayed. The require the homeowner to apply for review and approval of any plan to change the exterior of the home. This includes installing a flag pole and displaying a flag. Mrs. Thompson was made aware of these covenants when she bought her home. The Association has no record of Mrs. Thompson's application to install the pole or display the Flag. The purpose of letters she received from the Association is to make her aware of the violation in order to work toward a resolution that would allow her to display the Flag in accordance with the covenants.'
Thompson says she never received any of the Covenants. She says she will not take her flag pole down and is now working with Gatewood Galbreath, who volunteered to represent her for free.

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