Gas Prices Jump Around 30 Cents In Lexington Area

If you had to fill up your car Wednesday night, you may have seen a jump at the pump.
In a matter of hours, prices at some gas stations skyrocketed 20 cents or higher.

Triple A of the Bluegrass says the national average for gas is around $2.14 a gallon for regular unleaded, but at many stations in Lexington it is higher.

Lilla mason with Triple A says gas stations are raising their prices simply because they can, “the price of oil is down, inventories are high, if gas prices are going up it s a marketing strategy of an individual station."

She says the state average for gas is a $1.99 and no driver in the Lexington area should be paying more, “forget brand loyalty, drive around and when you look if you see the station you normally go to is raising their prices, keep driving to the next one that’s lower.”

Triple A says you can actually help keep prices down by only buying gas at the lowest priced station.