Two killed in crash

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Lexington Police are investigating a crash that killed two people early Tuesday morning.

It happened around 4 a.m. on Lansdowne Drive between Raven Road and Zandale Drive.

A white Chevrolet Trailblazer hit a utility pole in the median and split in half; the front wheels and engine block were torn off. The driver was heading towards Tates Creek on Lansdowne.

Police initially estimated it was traveling between 70 and 80 miles per hour.

The impact killed the two people inside the SUV -- a male driver and a female passenger.

Police believe both the driver and the passenger had been drinking; there were beer cans thrown from the vehicle during the impact.

Their names haven't been released.

Neighbors say Lansdowne is normally very quiet. They do say that some people use the road as a cut-through from Nicholasville Road to Tates Creek Road. They say there are often speeders on that hill.

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