Former firefighter injured in Lexington home invasion

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A bizarre home invasion in Lexington sends a man to the hospital.

Authorities say two men, claiming to be utility workers, knocked on the door of a home on Ridgepoint Run in Lexington and then injured a man inside.

The search is on for the suspects.

72-year-old David Norris, the victim, was taken to the hospital, but is now at home.

Norris was a Lexington firefighter for 30 years, serving as Battalion Chief. He has been retired now for 20 years.

He says the men came to his door posing as cable company workers, letting him know there was a problem with his television service. They came inside his home and he says shot at him. He says the bullet grazed his forehead. He says they then stepped on him and searched his home. He believes they were looking for money. They also asked him if he had guns.

Before leaving, he says the two men tied his hands behind his back and put a bag over his head. He was able to tear it off and call 911.

The only description he is able to give police is that the two men were dressed as utility workers, wearing reflective vests. The says they were both black men who he had never come in contact with before.

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