Man murdered in Wolfe County

Police continue to look for suspects tonight after a man in Wolfe County is shot and killed early Tuesday morning.

Police say they got a call a little after 9:30 Tuesday morning to respond to Elson banks' home on Upper Gilmore Road.

When they got there, they found out banks' own brother was the one who found him dead from being shot.

Kelly banks says he knew something was wrong as soon as his nephew started yelling to get his attention.

“I know he (wanted) me down there for something,” Kelly Banks says. “He was hollering trying to tell me and I was on the tractor and I shut the tractor off and said I’ll be down. And I went on down there and walked up on the step and there he was.

Police and family are not really sure when the shooting happened, but banks' thinks it happened fast.

Kelly Banks says, “Somebody could have walked up on that step there. He fell backwards right there in front of his door. His door was open and it must've happened sometime during the middle of the night.”

KSP detective Donnie McGraw says the department is still searching for information, but little is known at this time about what led to Elson banks' death.

“As of right now, we know the victim was shot multiple times,” McGraw says.

McGraw says, as of now, officers have no leads in the case.

“It’s wide open right now we don't have anybody narrowed down to that we could mention,” McGraw says.

Jerry Crisp was a longtime friend of Elson banks. He says he can't imagine who would want to see him dead.

“He was just a quiet natured man,” Crisp says. “I've never known him to be in any trouble. I’m here everyday and I wouldn't dream of anything like this.”

Kelly banks says the whole situation is tough on his family and that he will miss his nephew.

“I loved (him),” Kelly Banks says. “I didn't know if he had any enemies. It didn't sound like he had any enemies.”

Family members say they hope they have some answers soon.

Officers are urging anyone with information in the case to call the KSP Post in Morehead at 606-784-4127.


Police have no suspects in the murder of a man who was shot multiple times in his home.

It happened Tuesday morning in Wolfe County, on Upper Gilmore Road near the Lexie Community.

The victim has been identified as 39-year old Elson Banks.

His brother found his body and called police.

Investigators have no idea on a motive.

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