Your questions about H1N1 answered

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Kentucky's top health official gave 27 Newsfirst the facts about H1N1, and now we're passing it on to you.

1. What is H1N1?

It's simply a strain of the flu. A "brother" of the seasonal flu virus

2. Do You Need 2 Flu Shots?

Yes, if you're going to be vaccinated this year, you should get both a shot for the seasonal flu, and the H1N1 virus. One vaccination does not cover the other.

3. How did H1N1 become a pandemic?

No one has ever had this strain of the flu, it's a new mutation. That means none of us has immunity to it. So that means we're more likely to catch the virus if we're exposed to it. That goes for everyone around the world, so that's why it's spread globally, making it a "pandemic"

4. Who is most at risk for H1N1?

Kentucky Health Officials say small children and young adults are most likely to get H1N1. Older people in the population--particularly senior citizens--have antibodies from older strains of the flu, that help them better fend off H1N1 thank younger people. That doesn't mean they're immune, it just mean they're immune systems are tougher when it comes to H1N1. However, that's exactly opposite for the seasonal flu. Older people are more likely to get that strain.

5. How do I prevent myself from getting H1N1?

Limit your exposure with sick people. Wash your hands frequently, and get vaccinated.

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