Men charged with impersonating police officers after test drive

It started as a test drive, but ended with two men being arrested for impersonating police officers.

The two men were arrested Thursday afternoon on New Circle Road in Lexington.

Police say the men walked into Tri-City Auto, and asked to take a Crown Victoria on a test drive.

A manager at the car lot says they had gotten the car through an auction out of state. It still had lights and sirens in it.

45 minutes later, police arrested the two men across the road from Tri-City Auto.

Police say the men were acting like police officers. Investigators say they were disregarding traffic signals, using the lights, and using the car's public address system to make people get out of their way.

Tri-City Auto didn't realize anything was wrong until police called.

The men are charged with impersonating police officers. That is a misdemeanor charge.

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