Suspect Calls 27 Newsfirst Newsroom While in Standoff with Police

Suspect Calls 27 Newsfirst Newsroom While in Standoff with Police

Kentucky State Police and Madison County Sheriff's deputies were serving a warrant at 2022 Berea Rd just after 8am. They were looking for 49-year old B.J Starlight who was wanted for aggravated assault in Tennessee. When Starlight heard police at the door he told them he was not going to come out because he was afraid they would shoot him.

Starlight tells 27 Newsfirst he spent nearly 20 years in prison for a 1977 shooting of a Kentucky police officer, who he says killed his wife and daughter. No charges were ever filed against any police officers, only against Starlight who says the officer was paralyzed from his bullet.

Ever since then, Starlight, who admits having mental problems has been paranoid of the police. He says he has cameras around his home and his car.

After negotiating with police for about an hour, Starlight called the 27 Newsfirst newsroom and asked we come out to witness what was happening just in case he was killed. Eventually, Starlight came out but with a butcher knife to his throat threatening to kill himself. After a few minutes, he put the knife down and police tackled him to the ground.

Starlight says he hopes a judge will understand his paranoia of police and be easy on him. He is in the Madison County Jail waiting to hear if he will be extradited to Tennessee to face assault charges.