Kentucky inmate threatens another public official

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He was set to be released from jail at the end of the year, but now a Kentucky inmate is facing a new charge while in jail because of a threatening letter to a county attorney.

Billy Reynolds is the County Attorney in Rockcastle County and knows exactly who Steve Tompkins is.

"I've had dealings with him before in district court", Reynolds says.

That was during a case where Tompkins was charged for going on the website and threatening a public official, saying how he would assassinate him.

"He had threatened the circuit judge along with some law enforcement officials", says Jeremy Bartley, the Assistant Commonwealth Attorney.

"I handled the preliminary hearing, the probable cause hearing, to find if there was probable cause that he committed a felony against the chief circuit judge", says Billy Reynolds.

Tompkins was sentenced to two years behind bars in March, but a few months later was granted parole, puzzling those involved in the case.

"Especially when the Commonwealth Attorney has written a letter requesting that he is a danger to society", says Reynolds.

Now months away from being released, Steve Tompkins has written a letter of his own to Billy Reynolds.

The following is part of the letter sent to Billy Reynolds from Steve Tompkins.

"I hope I p**s you off Billy Reynolds so much you have a have a heart attack. I hope you die Billy Reynolds and burn in hell. You lie, deceive, and falsify information. I hope you lose sleep over me getting out soon. I'm Big "D" Daddy and I'm getting back online to destroy all future elections of Rockcastle County".

Tompkins goes on to say the letter is not a threat.

"You can't convict me no more you b*****d, because I carefully word my words so politically correct. It's not a death threat Billy boy it's election overthrow. I'm the anarchist".

Reynolds says he does hope the parole board will take notice.

"I hope evidence shows it's not time for him to be out yet", says Billy Reynolds.

"It doesn't seem the first sentence has caught his attention. Apparently he's conducting the same conduct and hasn't learned his lesson", says Jeremy Bartley.

As for Steve Tompkins he is being charged with retaliating against a participant in the legal process and will soon appear in court in Rockcastle County on that charge.

Tompkins is currently behind bars in the Daviess County Detention Center. He is expected to be released in November for the charge involving the circuit judge.

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