Drunk driving crackdown

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Police agencies across the state launched the "Drunk Driving: Over the Limit, Under Arrest" campaign which runs through Labor Day.

Lexington police are dedicated to arresting drunk drivers whenever they find them, but an additional 25 to 30 Lexington officers will be taking part in this nationwide enforcement blitz, so don't even think about drinking and driving.

Sgt. Billy Richmond tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "Nobody is going to be overlooked in this campaign. Our intent is to make the highways safer, and basically, we'll be accepting no excuses. If you're impaired, you'll go to jail."

If drivers do find themselves under arrest during this campaign, they should be aware it's going to cost them in more ways than one. Sgt. Richmond cautions, "They should consider damage to vehicles, court costs, attorney fees and lost wages at work so there a lot of different financial things to factor in, and that's only if you're lucky."

Because statistics clearly show drunk drivers kill at an alarming rate.
"In 2007, says Richmond, "our nation as a whole lost approximately 13,000 people to DUI related motor vehicle crashes."

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