Unanswered questions surround teenager's death

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A father is searching for answers after his 14-year old son dies following a football game.

Jerry Patton's father tells 27 NEWSFIRST it's been a difficult time for their family following the death of his teenage son, not only do they have unanswered questions surrounding his death but say they are in need of financial help.

"He was full of life, we fished, we deer hunted, we did everything together, and I miss him with all my heart," says Jerry Patton, the father of 14-year old Jerry Patton, Junior.

Patton shares the pain of losing his 14-year old son, Jerry Patton, junior who landed in the hospital Monday after a football game over the weekend but died only days later.

"The doctor said, he'd make a full recovery, but now he's gone," says Patton.

The Nicholas County 8th grader was originally diagnosed with viral meningitis, but now there are questions if that's exactly what he had. The family says it's been hard, especially for Jerry's twin brother, Jackie, who he says has now quit the football team.

Still unsure what caused the teen's death, the family has requested an autopsy as they continue to await answers. The family is also pleading for help from the community as they come to terms with an unexpected death.

"My baby's gone and any support I can get, I would surely appreciate it," says Patton.

Services for a teenager, who died from viral meningitis will be held early next week.

14-year old Jerry Patton became sick following a football game last weekend.

The Nicholas County Middle School student died Friday.

His visitation is set for six, Monday night, at Clark Funeral home in Moorefield.

Patton's funeral will be at one, Tuesday afternoon, at Nicholas County Elementary School.

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