Winterize Your Vehicle Before It's Too Late

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Winter weather can be very harsh on your vehicle and it's a good idea each year to do a few things to keep you from having problems later on.

"it's actually preventative maintenance, You wanna prevent yourself from being stuck somewhere else later on.

Junior Dale is a maintenance technician at S&S Tire and is gonna help us winterize our vehicle.

You wanna check your antifreeze from your little resovoir tank right here. Always take the cap off, don't take the cap off the radiator its extremely hot. You've got a level down on the side that tells you when its low, keep it up to your full mark.

Next is your oil.

You see how that's brown, if its light brown its good, if its not been changed lately then your light brown will be dark brown, so that oil there is good.

Next, the battery.

Basically on your battery you need to check your date when its punched at, 99% of batteries are good fore 3 years then they start deteoriating.

Corrosion right here you always check for that, it will be turning real white when its all corroded up.

Now that were done under the hood lets check the wipers

Ok now on your wipers you can check them real easily, the rubber right here, these here are rolled under, when they start rolling under like this that means they don't wipe good.

And finally the tires.

"check the rubber on your tires, you can take a penny, center tread is where you wanna measure from
and your air pressure always keep them up to what the manufacture recommends.

At the time of the year when money can be tight, Dale says checking these things will save you in the long run.

"you are gonna save on tow bills, wrecker bills are getting expensive because they gotta tow you 45 miles.

In Lexington Kevin Lighty WKYT 27 Newsfirst.