Be Prepared If You Get Stranded In Your Vehicle

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The last place you may want to be in, in the middle of a winter storm is your car, but sometimes, it's the only place you have if you get stranded. Lilla Mason of Bluegrass AAA urges you to prepare ahead of time.

Always have a plan for being stranded. Hopefully it will never happen, but chances are it might. Whether it is the hottest day in the summer or the snowiest, coldest day in winter you really should have a few things in case you get stuck.

So what are those things?

First, preparedness is the key.

Think of three things: yourself, your care and other drivers. For yourself, have some essential items, including water, a map, to make sure you know where you are going. For your car you might have some lock de-icer, jumper cables, as well as a First Aid Kit.

Many people now have cell phones, which would prove beneficial in a situation like this. However, in some cases, even if you have to call 911 your cell phone number might not come on so you need to have a number that somebody can call you back.

And then, sometimes when you have a lot of snow, a shovel is definitely an item that could come in handy, as well as extra washer fluid.

Also, flares are another good idea to warn other drivers if you have to pull to the side of the road and you are broken down to alert them.

And of course, the all important flash light is another necessity.

So, before you leave, what do you need to do?

Always have a plan for being stranded, make sure you have somebody you know you are going to call if something happens, and make sure that person knows you are going to call. If you are an AAA member you can call AAA.