Richmond Man Arrested In Murder For Hire Plot

John Cole, 44 year old, sits in Fayette County Jail after police say an undercover operation took down his plans to have someone murdered.

We've learned it's all over a love triangle gone bad.

Police say Cole was caught red handed when ATF agents found him with a 380 caliber gun. Police say he was trying to hire a hit-man to kill a man he believed was having an affair with his wife.

The only problem, the man he was trying to hire was an undercover ATF agent.

Neighbors say Cole told them recently that his wife was cheating with a co-worker. Just a few weeks ago, they say Cole's truck was towed home after he had a wreck.

Cole told them someone had cut his brake lines and he thought it was someone trying to kill him. Tuesday, Cole was the one police say was trying to set up a killing.

Instead, he now faces federal charges of murder for hire. ATF says Cole's arrest came after a month long investigation.

Cole is scheduled to be in federal court on Friday.