Parents arrested after children found in 'filthy' home

Police say a social worker felt threatened by one of the parents living in this she left. But while waiting police to show up..

“She watched him clean some 9 to 10 bags of garbage from the residence in attempt to quickly improve the environment,” says Pulaski Sheriff Todd Wood.

Yet police say from what is seen in pictures from the home...that fast clean up attempt was hardly worth it or noticable.

“Unfortunately you could certainly smell it before you saw it....when you got to the residence..and stepped ws beyond what you could imagine,” said Wood.

The social worker told them it was one of the worst environments she'd ever seen kids exposed to. Police arrested the parents, James Pike, 44, and his 31 year old wife, Alvena. The children, ages 6 months to 10...were put in the custody of other relatives.

“Certainly it's a crime because as an adult, parent, you're responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for your child,” said Wood.

Police say the parents weren't just making their kids living in a dirty home, but the environment was so bad, it was leading to infestations that the kids were starting to suffer from.

Police say bug bites were visible on the children’s legs.

“Probably 40 to 50 bites visible on the bottom parts of her legs,” said Sheriff Wood of one of the children.

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