Officials surveying prison riot damage

Some of the state's top officials toured the Northpoint Training Center today, to get a look at the damage caused by a prison riot.

Justice and Public Safety Secretary Michael Brown, and Corrections Commissioner LaDonna Thompson surveyed the Boyle County Facility both by air, and on the ground.

Eight prisoners were hurt during Friday's riot, and fires damaged several buildings.

Associated Press Writer
BURGIN, Ky. (AP) - A government official says smoking has been
banned - at least temporarily - at a Kentucky prison where several
buildings were burned down during an inmate riot.
Justice and Public Safety Secretary J. Michael Brown said Monday
that no cigarettes, matches or lighters have been allowed at
Northpoint Training Center in Burgin since the Friday night
incident. Eight guards and eight inmates were injured in the melee.
Meanwhile, 700 of the 1,200 inmates had been moved - including
about 200 to the Marion Adjustment Center in St. Mary. Brown said
that facility also was handling pending parole hearings.
Brown says parts of the prison were completely gutted after
inmates set fire in trash cans, broke windows and destroyed

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