Friends of murder victim say home is repeatedly ransacked

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The same home where Bryia Runiewicz was killed is being targeted by thieves, neighbors say.

Some friends have even camped out trying to catch those responsible for the home burglaries.

The body of 31 year old Bryia Runiewicz was found in her home only after her boyfriend, Bass Webb, confessed to police he had killed her on July 31st.

Since then the circumstances for the family and her friends have not gotten any easier.

Carol Banks says she grew up with Runiewicz and now along with Runiewicz's family she's helplessly watching an empty home get broken into and burglarized time and time again.

Banks say the first break-in happened around the time of her death.

"You name it, jewelry and everything," Banks says.

Then one week later, she says there was another break-in.

After hearing of the first two break-ins neighbors started taking matters into their own hands, pitching tents on the other side of crime tape to keep an eye on the home themselves.

For a while they say it seemed to work, but one week ago Banks says Runiewicz's mother found a cell phone and two of her daughter's rings outside the home.

Banks says, "Her mom has one ring and sister the other, and everything else is gone."

In the meantime both friends and family are wondering when this will end, saying both are trying to come to terms with Bryia Runiewicz's death.

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