Touchstone Energy Cooperatives partner with WKYT in unveiling new radar

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The new 27 First Alert Defender will be in full operation in September. Touchstone Energy Cooperatives has partnered with WKYT in purchasing the new radar in an effort to further the public safety effort.

Nick Comer, Touchstone Energy Cooperatives, says, "Often times in the very early hours of events we're in a mode of assessing where the greatest damage is. The radar will help us see where the worst hit areas are so we can efficiently dispatch our people to those areas."

The 27 First Alert Defender is a dual polarity radar that out-performs any other radar across the Ohio Valley. The Stealth Radome consists of 36 panels and weighs approximately 1900 pounds. The total height of the tower and radome combined is approximately 65 feet.

WKYT's new radar will transmit 1-million watts of power and not only sends out a horizontal beam, but also a vertical beam. This will help the 27 First Alert Weather Team to clearly identify between rain, hail, sleet, snow, etc. It will also be able to distinguish between rain and other non-hydrometeor objects, such as debris. This will become an asset during night severe weather events.

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