Flu shows up before vaccine is ready, just how bad will it get?

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Doctors say H1N1 symptoms are showing up in waiting rooms across the commonwealth, and it's going to be some time before a vaccine is ready to help fight it.

According to Fayette County Health Department doctors are still trying to make sure there are no side effects to the vaccine, saying because this is a new strain there is no known antiviral for H1N1.

The flu isn't waiting for a cure, Doctor Larry Burns of a Lexington Urgent Treatment Center says, and he's already seeing a few come in complaining of the standard flu symptoms.

He says it's unusual to have adults showing symptoms in the summer, and that's exactly what he's seeing.

Dr. Burns is also convinced it is H1N1 but because it's showing up in healthy adults he doesn't anticipate any complications, saying the swine flu is not much different than the seasonal flu just a different strain.

The seasonal flu will likely also plague the commonwealth soon, meaning if want to increase your chances to stay healthy it may take a couple flu shots this year.

Experts say it'll likely be September, October even November before either are available to the public.

In the meantime the Fayette County Health Department has a team of experts ready to answer any questions the public may have. You can reach them at lexingtonhealthdepartment.org.

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