Pulaski man dies from pool accident injuries

Trophies and awards cover a table that Thomas Burris won in bowling.

“Bowling was his life..he wanted to get in every tournament.”

But now Bob and Gale Burris are planning their son's funeral. Thomas Burris died yesterday after surgery complications..from a swimming accident earlier this month.

“He slipped on the trim..he slipped...fell straight hit his head...on the bottom on the pool. And broke his neck,” said Thomas’ mother.

The accident happened at a friend's house...not long after he left what some called his second home of Briar Bowl Lanes in Somerset. Donnie Todd used to own the bowling alley...but he's still very involved in operations there.

“He always told his mother he wanted to be a pro bowler,” said Todd.

But his mother also says Thomas was the kind of person who wanted to help others.

“He helped people learn how to bowl better. He would always help the kids,” she said.

Now his family is questioning why he's gone...but they know there's a reason.

“There has to be. There has to be some good come out of this, he was such a good person....why..why?” asked his mother.

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