Five Year Murder Mystery In Lincoln County

Sherri Smith visits her son Bo's grave often, especially on the anniversaries of the day he and Ryan Shangraw were shot to death in a trailer on Hubble Road.

The loss of her son is a pain she understands she'll never get over. But the pain of not knowing who ended her son's life is one she says she should not have to bear.

“Your mission in life doesn't need to be searching for murderers,” says Smith.

But search she does, hoping someone who knows something will come forward.

In the past year, the $12,000 reward has increased to $25,000.

“If they tell for the money, fine, if they tell just because they can't sleep at night, I don't care why they tell,” says Smith.

“The guys who did this, they're watching this (broadcast) tonight, I guarantee. One day I'll look them in the eyes. I hope I can hold back,” says Bo’s father, Harold.

Police say they can't talk about the leads that have come in the past year, but they say whether it's five years or five months, they're optimistic they will solve the crime.

Smith faced another hardship last year. She was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident, but believes she survived to help others. “And I didn't meet Jesus at that time, but God has a greater plan for me. I believe it's to lead people to God that have suffered the loss of a child,” she says.

His parents say not only did they lose Bo, but they lost everything he would have become; the girl he would married and children they would have had.

“Just after five years I see his friends, who have gotten married, have kids, that I'll never have grandkids from,” says Harold Upton.