Victims' families of Comair 5191 write letter on "lessons learned"

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Victims' families of Comair 5191 write a letter to aviation and government leaders to implement change to policy and enforce them.

In a letter titled, "Lessons from 5191," the authors ask not only for policy changes, but implementation.

The letter will go out Thursday, on the third anniversary of the crash that killed 49 people.

"The message is look what happens when people let their guard down and allow the smallest distraction to occur," says Kathy Ryan, who lost her husband Michael in the crash.

"We want to honor those we lost by trying to prevent it for other people," she says.

The letter targets specific people, from leaders of the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board to Kentucky's Congressmen.

The letter also outlines specific proposals and suggested policy, like prohibiting takeoff from unlit runways during hours of darkness, one of numerous factors uncovered in the crash of Comair 5191.

Acknowledging the events of August 27, 2006 cannot be undone, some say it's a way of moving forward.

"The families' purpose is to have something good come out of something bad," says Ryan.

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