Pulaski County Man Doesn't Mind Being Snowed In

Gary Burnett lives in a part of Pulaski County where you're more likely to see a bear than a salt truck.

“It's rough. You just don't go anywhere when it comes a good snow,” says Burnett.

While most roads in the county were clear of the one inch or so of snow by midday....Burnett's road was still snow covered. And given the fact that more snow and below zero temperatures could arrive by next week, there's a good chance he could be snowed in with another inch or two.

“It's been so bad that several times we've had to walk to the main highway, we leave our vehicle..walk to the main highway which is a quarter of a mile.”

But he sees that as a small price to pay for the winter wonderland he shares with his buffalo and sometimes even skunks!

“It's quiet. It's quiet and peaceful. So that pays for the not being able to get out.”

But for some people just having a little bit of snow was just enough to have a lot of fun in.

John Roberts sees the snow as a welcome change to a mild winter.

“I tell you we're due. We're due. Global warming I believe is having an impact...but next week..zero temperatures.,” says Roberts.