1991 kidnap victim found alive

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - Sheriff's officials say they believe
they've found a woman alive after she was kidnapped as an
11-year-old in 1991 outside her South Lake Tahoe home.

Lt. Les Lovell of the El Dorado Sheriff's Department says a
woman came into the Concord police station and said she was Jaycee
Lee Dugard, the victim of a 1991 abduction.

Lovell says deputies are 99 percent sure it's Dugard. He says
DNA tests were being conducted.

Witnesses reported that a vehicle with two people drove up to
Dugard and abducted her while her stepfather was watching.

Lovell says two people have been taken into custody.

The sheriff's department has scheduled a news conference to
discuss the case later Thursday.

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