Remembering Flight 5191 victims

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August 27 marks the anniversary of a gruesome tragedy in Lexington, the crash of Flight 5191 during take-off at Blue Grass Airport

Family and friends of the 49 victims of that horrible crash 3 years ago remembered their loved ones in their own way Thursday, but a year from now, they could all be gathered at the Arboretum near Commonwealth Stadium.

A rose garden there has been chosen by the Flight 5191 Memorial Commission as the site of a permanent memorial

Commission co-chairman Dr. Ray Garman tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "We looked everywhere from the Kentucky Horse Park down to Jacobson Park trying to find the right place, a place that was serene to rest and remember. The commission, which includes people from government and the victims' families, decided the Arboretum was the place."

The place they selected is known fittingly as The Garden of Remembrance. The project there will cost around $250,000.

Dr. Garman says, "We asked Comair for some support. We're asking the city and state for support. We're asking the aviation community and our Lexington population as a whole to help support it, too."

The temporary memorial set up at Blue Grass Airport following the crash is currently on display at the Kentucky Aviation Museum, but as the ink and the artificial flowers fade, all agree it's time for something permanent.

Amy Turner, whose father, Dr. Larry Turner, was killed in the crash, says, "It's important to remember the victims and honor the lives they lived and to do it in a memorial that's open to everybody. 49 people is a tremendous loss to our entire community, and I believe that having something collectively where you can go and honor all of them as individuals and as a group is very special."

Current plans call for the memorial to include a water feature and benches around a marker with all the victims names. Professional artists and landscapers who want to work on the project should submit their qualifications to the Flight 5191 Memorial Commission. To obtain the necessary forms, just go to

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