Tractor driver survives after being hit by semi

A semi hit a man, as he tried to cross the interstate on his tractor.

It sounds like the beginning of a tragic tale, but this story has a much better ending.

The driver was hit in the northbound lanes of Interstate 75 at the Laurel-Whitley County line Thursday morning.

A mowing zone had been set up on that part of the interstate.

But police say the driver of a northbound truck couldn't tell there was a mowing tractor crossing a bridge to get to grass on the other side.

The tractor trailer didn't have time to change lanes and police say he hit the mowing tractor, driven by Josh Craig. Craig survived the impact and was later able to give police play by play details of what happened.

Police say the tractor mower was actually lodged in the tractor cab for several moments. Craig saw everything, while laying in the middle of the interstate.

He got up, and despite being hurt, ran across the interstate for safety.

Police don't expect to file any charges in this case.

The tractor trailer driver was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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