Suspect Arrested In Year's First Murder

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"I'm not under arrest I'm just handcuffed," said Michael Kollros.

Saturday night when police arrived at Kollros' house they found his roommate, Daniel Butcher, unresponsive on the kitchen floor from an apparent gunshot. They later took Kollros into custody for questioning in the shooting. Sunday neighbors reacted to what happened.

"I was scared because at first I didn't know what happened then I turned on the tv and I got scared," said Cintia Cedilo.

"I noticed all the cruiser and the tv vans and they had it all roped off. That's all I saw," said Jim Peyton.

Butcher was taken to UK Hospital. He died shortly after arriving. Kollros was arrested early Sunday. His son says there is no way his father is capable of committing murder. Police think alcohol played a role in the shooting. But those who live near 217 Rugby Road say it doesn't matter if drinking was involved or not, they can't believe it happened on their street.

"I thought it was pretty bad for something like that to happen over here in this neighborhood. We're not used to that kind of stuff," Peyton said.