Snakes have Berea residents on edge

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Many Berea residents are paying close attention to their surroundings these days after reports of several venomous snakes being turned loose near an apartment complex on Glades Road.

Residents in the Glades Village Apartments told NEWSFIRST that a man named Tony Brock was reportedly keeping venomous snakes in his apartment. Brock had allegedly been evicted from his apartment and subsequently dumped the snakes in a nearby wooded area. Police investigated reports of the snakes but found nothing in the apartment and therefore were not able to file any charges against Brock.

Stephen Burton lives in the complex and reported seeing Brock dump something out of a box during the weekend. Burton said he had no idea what he was doing and never suspected the contents of the box were venomous snakes.

The Glades Village complex sits next door to the Berea Post Office with a wooded area in between. Post Office employees confirmed that a worker there spotted and killed a copperhead snake in the parking lot earlier in the week. A handyman at the apartment complex also reported killing a copperhead on the grounds this week.

In all, it's suspected that four to five snakes were released in the area so residents are advised to use caution.

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