Former Fayette County teacher sentenced

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A former Fayette County teacher convicted of rape and sodomy is finally learning his sentence some 30 years after the crime.

And before the judge handed down the sentence, he decided to let Hubbard know how he felt about the crimes.

Circuit Court Judge James Ishmael told Hubbard, "You committed unspeakable sexual misconduct against them."

Jack Russell Hubbard was found guilty last month of five felony counts of sodomy and rape. The jury recommended six and a half years for the crimes, which is what the judge handed down Friday.

Ishmael told Hubbard, "I think you're an extremely fortunate man in regard to the jury recommendations on sentencing I was frankly shocked."

He went on to say, "I thought it should have been much more."

His victims were both students at Beaumont Junior High School in the 1970's.

One of the victims, Carol Lynne Maner won millions of dollars in a civil suit filed against the Fayette County School system.

Maner was there as the judge handed down the sentence.

She says, "I'm very happy this chapter's over."

Maner now plans to use her life experiences to help others in similar situations.

Hubbard has the option to appeal the court's decision.

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