$10 million in grants OK'd for Louisville flood relief

LOUISVILLE, KY -- The federal government has approved more than $10million in grants for victims of the Aug. 4 flash flood in Louisville, and volunteer organizations are expected to finish cleaning flooded homes in the next two weeks, reports The Louisville Courier-Journal in its Saturday edition.

At least 86 households that have requested cleanup help are still on a waiting list, while work on 299 has been finished by volunteers from all over the country, according to records inspected Friday by The Courier-Journal.

Jim Garrett, president of the Kentucky branch of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters, said Friday was the last day in Louisville for a couple of out-of-state volunteer organizations, but they will be replaced by others from Tennessee, North Carolina and Mississippi next week. One group, Samaritan's Purse International Relief, has agreed to stay an extra week.

In all, about 120 out-of-state volunteers will continue to work through the weekend and next week, while Metro United Way is asking for more local volunteers to pitch in.

“It will be about two weeks to have the initial phase of cleaning and sanitizing finished,” Garrett said. “We're getting our arms around it at this point. We're doing pretty good; it just takes time.”

Officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency said 8,860 people have received grants, with an average payout of about $1,200.

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