Boulder Rumbles through Floyd County Home

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A boulder falls off a mountain and rolls through a house near a mining facility in Eastern Kentucky.

This is the home on Caney Fork Road in Martin where a boulder comes crashing through a man's home on Friday evening. the sister of Billy tussy says he was not home at the time of the incident.

Ruth miller says she's thankful her brother wasn't in the house when the boulder rumbled through his trailer.

“We came and checked it out and everything and he was not at home, Miller says. “He was visiting in-laws.”

Both Tussy and his wife are deaf-mute and Miller says they likely would not have heard the boulder rumbling towards their home.

“All I can say is, I thank god that no one was hurt,” Miller says.

Greg Weddington of the Office of Mining and Reclamation says all operations were stopped at Frasure Creek Mining Company, which is located behind Tussy's home.

“We immediately issued an imminent danger cessation order to the mining company to stop work and prevented them from doing any additional blasting,” Weddington says.

Miller says the boulder went right through her brother's bedroom.

“If my brother had been home, he would've been in the bedroom, where the rock went in,” Miller says. “And it's a mighty big rock.”

Weddington says frasure creek mining company paid for hotels tussy's family and three other families that had to be evacuated.

“At this time they're still not able to come home,” Weddington says. “We're still working to make sure the area is safe.”

Weddington hopes to get Billy Tussy and his wife back in their home as soon as possible.

Weddington says the frasure creek mining company will *not* be allowed to blast again until they submit a mediation plan.

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