Coach's defense team gets coroner's report weekend before trial

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Defense attorneys are calling it "inexcusable." The legal team representing former high school football coach Jason Stinson is upset that they are just now receiving a coroner's report in the 2008 death of one of his players, 15-year-old Max Gilpin.

Stinson is set to go on trial on charges of reckless homicide and wanton endangerment in Gilpin's death. Gilpin died on August 23, 2008 just three days after collapsing following what's been described as a grueling practice at Pleasure Ridge Park High School.

The coroner's report ruled Gilpin's death an accident which is also what's listed on his death certificate.

Players who attended the practice said that Stinson was upset about an apparent lack of effort by the players and had them run sprints after their two hour practice. One player collapsed and two players quit before the practice ended. Gilpin collapsed after practice and died three days later of complications related to heat stroke.

The state medical examiner did not perform an autopsy on Gilpin.

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