Fire School Training in Perry County

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The 31st Annual Mountain Firefighters Association Fire School was held this weekend in Perry County

More than one thousand firefighters all over the state came to the training school held at Hazard Community and Technical College. I talked with some firefighters and they say they've gained a lot of experience.

Hazard Fire Chief Sam Stacy says the students learned a wide variety of tasks.

“Everything from hazardous materials response to repelling, basic firefighting,” Stacy says. “Anything that they would need in the fire service.”

One firefighter from Carter County says he came to the training school to gain more knowledge on helping save a life.

Craig Utley says, “I just joined the fire department. Vie been on it about two months and I’m really enjoying it. I thought I’d just come down here and finish off getting my hours.”

Stacy says a lot of fatal fires have occurred in Eastern Kentucky lately and hopes this school will help firefighters deal with those types of situations.

“It couldn't have come at a better time because we've had a lot of fatal car wrecks and fires as well,” Stacy says.

Joe Stambush is the Chairman of the Northern Kentucky Firefighters Association. He says he wants to help the public education on firefighting in Eastern Kentucky.

“We’re trying to help give the students programs, initiatives, or ideas that they can utilize to keep their communities safer,” Stambush says.

Shayla Baker says she enjoyed coming to the training school.

“It’s about going and following the walls when you're in a structure fire and it's good,” Baker says.

Chief Stacy says if they help just one firefighter, then they've done their job.

Stambush says things like smoke detectors and a home escape plan can help if your house catches fire.

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