Man credits officer for saving life in fire

He was asleep, completely unaware his house was on fire, until a police officer broke into his bedroom and saved him.

Now a Danville man fells lucky to be alive, crediting the officer with getting him out of his burning duplex on Longview Drive, after the fire started early this morning.

Phil Pendleton has more.

From outside Frank Nunn's Danville home on Longview it doesn't look like there's much damage, but if you look inside, it's a different story.

Mr. Nunn gave me a tour of the inside of his home and there is insulation and smoke and water damage throughout.

Nunn says he went to bed about 11:30 PM and the next thing he knew a Danville Police Officer was in his bedroom trying to wake him up.

Nunn says sometime overnight something caught on fire and he thinks it started in his bathroom.

Firefighters were able to quickly contain the fire and save most of the structure, but Nunn credits the police officer for saving his life.

"I heard someone yelling, beating my door down, and saw a flashlight coming down the hallway, it was a Danville police officer, grabbed me by the shirt and he said, sir, you have to get out of here, your place is on fire."

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire.

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