Speed limit changes on interstates in Fayette Co.

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You'll soon be able to go a little faster along I-75 and I-64 in Lexington.

Throughout the week, workers will change the signs to increase the speed limit from 65 to 70 miles per hour in Fayette County.

The state decided to raise the limit after an evaluation of the highways and traffic flow.

Studies by the Transportation Cabinet found most drivers were going 70 miles per hour instead of the posted 65 miles per hour.

They say with limits based on the speed that 85 percent of drivers are traveling, the study supported a more consistent speed increase to 70 miles per hour that most other interstates and highways in the state were moved to two years ago.

The 70 miles-per hour speed limit was put in place along Kentucky interstates two years ago, except in Lexington, Louisville and northern Kentucky.

Many drivers say they are ready for the change.

"I hate to say it but in a modern world you're on the phone, speaker phone and stuff like that and you don't always notice where the change is sometimes", says motorist Kevin Warner.

"You forget because you're dealing with your kids or listening to music and not paying attention and all of a sudden there's the lights", says motorist Leta White.

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