911 call made before Gillispie's DUI arrest released

Wednesday afternoon, authorities in Anderson County released the 911 call that led to Billy Gillispie being pulled over by police last week.

He was arrested for suspected DUI.

It's been almost a week since Gillispie's arrest.

The 911 call made by a gas station employee didn't last very long, but it was enough to alert police to be on the lookout for a man driving a white Mercedes, that man ended up being Gillispie.

The following is a transcript of that call.

DISPATCHER: "Lawrenceburg Police Department."

CALLER: "We had a driver that came here in a white four door car with Texas plates, heading toward 64. He, was, I'm pretty sure he's drunk."

DISPATCHER: "How long ago did he leave?"

CALLER: "Just now. Just got in the car right now, so."

DISPATCHER: "And it was a white, what kind of car?"

CALLER: "It's a four door. Uh, looks like a white four door sedan. Has Texas plates on it. that's what i'd seen."

DISPATCHER: "And he's been gone just uh..."

CALLER: "A few seconds, yes."


CALLER: "Thank you."


Gillispie was charged with DUI after refusing to take sobriety tests, when pulled over on the 127 bypass last Thursday morning.

Police say he smelled of alcohol, had red eyes and slurred speech when they pulled him over.

Gillispie told police he'd been golfing, but would not submit to any alcohol test police asked for.

He spent the night in jail, before appearing in court last Friday morning, and then bonding out to head back to Texas.

Gillispie pleaded not guilty to the charge during Friday's court appearance, his next hearing is in just a few weeks.

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