Dispute over Papa John's Camaro

The founder of Papa John's gave a man $250,000 dollars, to get his original Camaro back.

Now, the Kentucky family who sold that Camaro nine years ago, is threatening to sue claiming they also deserve a quarter of a million dollars.

Cheryl Glassford explains.

The Papa John's founder reclaimed his prized 1971 Z28 Camaro 25 years after selling it to save his fathers bar.

In exchange, he shelled out $250,000 dollars to its current owner, Jeff Robinson.

But even though Robinson was the owner, some of his neighbors in northeast Kentucky believe they are the rightful owners, and they told Papa John's where to find the car, and owner Robinson.

The Schnatters sold the Camero to Billie Slone's husband back in 1983.

Her son learned about the contest and the car, and the family researched the car's history, and learned it was in fact the Camaro Schnatter so badly wanted back.

The winner had to show proof of official title and transfer that title to Papa John.

Papa John's spokesman Chris Sternberg says the company has offered to pay Slone's $25,000 dollars for helping find the car, but no more.

The Slones say they will sue the pizza company, if the company doesn't give them the full $250,000 dollars in prize money.

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