Thieves target unlocked cars in string of break-ins

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Nicholasville Police say there were more than a dozen cars broken into Tuesday night, and more than 50 the past month around the city.

A knock at the door wasn't how Deborah Baker and her son Dustin expected to wake up this morning.

"I got up this morning to two police officer knocking omy door and my son's car broken into and saw my doors ajar," says Baker.

The Baker's SUV was one of at least 13 cars hit in their Nicholasville neighborhood Tuesday night, where police say they are stealing mostly electronics out of cars.

"Some items were taken, other cars just rummaged through, in the glove box, where they looked for items," says Officer Kevin Grimes with Nicholasville Police.

Police say the crimes are likely happening during the night, with thieves targeting cars that are left unlocked.

A mistake Dustin Baker admits to making, but one he says he won't make again.

Police say they will be checking area pawn shops for Dustin's subwoofer and ipod as well as other stolen items.

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