Family startled by robbers who crawl through open window

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Police were called to the scene of a home invasion early Thursday morning in Lexington.

A family living on Gerald Drive, off Winburn Drive, called police saying two, armed came into their home.

Police say the woman who lives in the apartment was already awake and met the men in the hallway. At that point, investigators say the men threatened her with their guns and demanded money. She handed over her wallet and a laptop.

Police say her husband then confronted the men. The suspects assaulted him and ran out of the apartment through the front door.

Officers say this was a crime of opportunity because a back window was standing wide open and that is how the men got in. They say everyone should lock windows and doors.

Luckily, the man was not seriously injured and the couple's toddler was asleep during the burglary.

Police continue to search for suspects.

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