Cold Weather Causes Kentucky Utilities To Break Usage Records

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It looks to be a record setting winter in terms of cold weather. Today will be the 12th day in a row that Lexington has not gone above 32 degrees. To put that into perspective this is the coldest stretch we have been in since the late 70's. That being said, Kentucky Utilities saw two of the biggest days ever in terms of usage. Cliff Feltham of KU explains.

"We set records all time records on the kentucky utilities electrical system both early Monday morning and early Tuesday morning."

Nearly 4300 mega watt hours were used. That is no surprise when temps on Monday and Tuesday started out in the single digits, but the cold weather isn't the only reason for the high demand.

"We've got more customers out there that are running more appliances than they did 10 years ago even 5 years ago which speaks to the whole situation in the electric industry."

But is the demand too much for the system?

"Were in good shape we can handle the capacity the customers are asking for."

With these colds temperatures kentucky utility customers are finding meters like this spinning faster than ever. So what can you do to slow these down and save money?

It's as simple as letting the sun that you have serve as a greenhouse effect in your house. Open the shades let that sun come in and be a greenhouse effect.

Hopefully the record breaking power usage has reached its max, but forecasts are still calling for more cold air through the weekend. In Lexington Kevin Lighty WKYT 27 Newsfirst..