Family looks back on child surviving key through eye

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He was called a miracle by many people...a Boyle County toddler who survived a key going through his eye with no damage.
Now, a year after the September 2008 incident, the family speaks about the ordeal that made news around the country.

Two-year-old Nicholas Holderman may not know it yet, but last September at 17-months-old he proved to be a miracle to people across the country.

Staci and Chris Holderman will never forget the day when Nicholas fell on the key to their car.

The x-rays were unbelievable. The key went through his eyelid, through his eye and to his brain. The Holdermans' say they clearly remember the incident that doctors were hesitant Nicholas would fully recover from.

However, Nicholas did recover and his story quickly made news across the country. It's a story and miracle his family still talks about.

A playful and energetic young boy that will one day be told of the amazing story that once happened to him.

As for Nicholas, his family says it will be another year before he has to go back to the doctor for a check-up on his eye, but for now his vision is perfect.

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