State leaders hold flu summit to prepare for possible outbreak

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As people at the Pandemic Influenza Summit are hearing about the first H1N1-related death in Kentucky, it's been a topic of conversation as participants continue to discuss how to deal with H1N1.

It was a gathering of more than 1400 people from those in education, business, law enforcement, and public safety, as the Commonwealth of Kentucky anticipates a spike in H1N1 cases.

State leaders addressed the first H1N1 related death to the hundreds at the Pandemic Influenza Summit, but organizers say the announcement didn't take away from the goal of the Summit, which is to create an action plan on how to tackle an outbreak.

Health leaders say there's no need to panic, instead, just be health conscious. They're asking the public to remember to wash hands and cover coughs.

The H1N1 Vaccine vaccine isn't expected to be available until mid-October. Another point health officials are trying to drive home is to go ahead and get your seasonal flu shot as they are now available statewide.

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